May 27 - Centro Cultural São Lourenço

“A Musical Potpourri”


Pianist & Singer

Joyce Whitelaw

for the benefit of

Lar de São Vicente – Albufeira

Welcome drinks served at 7 pm

Concert 7:30 – 8:30 pm

For more about Joyce see:

For more about the

Centro Cultural São Lourenço (CCSL )


The ccsl is generously providing the venue for this event and the Amigos de Musica de São Lourenço are providing use of their fine piano.

Donations & Attendance:

The sponsors request that attendees make a generous donation of 15 or more Euros

to the Lar de São Vicente – Linen Appeal

(collected at the event).

To help make this a special event we need to know approximately how many people will be attending. Please notify Pam Stephens, Linda Muhleisen, or Joyce Whitelaw if you are able to attend.

The Sponsors

who are providing the resources for this event:

Pam and Brian Stephens,

Linda and Georg Muhleisen,

Centro Cultural São Lourenço ,

Amigos de Musica de São Lourenço,

Lar de São Vicente,

Joyce Whitelaw

The goal of this event:

The Lar de São Vicente in Albufeira is a residential home to approximately 36 physically and mentally handicapped young people. Those who are able, attend craft classes, watch television, and go for short walks in the grounds. Many of them are confined to wheel chairs and a few to bed. One of the most urgent needs at the moment is bed linen. The wear and tear on the linen is tremendous with bed changes every day, and very often, the use of bleach. The sponsors hope is to raise sufficient funds to buy single bed linen and towels for all the young people: hopefully, 70 pairs of sheets and pillowcases, and with sufficiently generous donations, also towels. You can read more about the home by clicking here:
Lar de São Vicente