About Joyce:

Joyce is a native of Glasgow Scotland. She graduated from the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD) with a dual degree, a BA in Vocal (Opera) and Piano performance. Her minor at the academy was in foreign languages at which she excels.  After graduating from the RSAMD she obtained a Diploma in Secondary Musical Education from St. Andrews College of Education in Scotland.

Joyce moved to San Francisco, California and remaining there for 20 years where she taught music and was involved in a number of significant musical projects which included composing, performance and management. Having some Italian ancestry mixed in the family tree she is proud of her several performances singing with the Sal Carson Big Band in an open air concert as part of the annual Italian - Columbus Day Festival in San Francisco.

As a composer, Joyce has created music for jazz cabaret, musical theater, a contemporary opera and a variety of instrumental pieces for soundtracks. Her musical creations include “Reflections”, a piano CD, a musical comedy, “Casino”, an original soundtrack for a planetarium exhibit, “Dragon Skies” and a “golf” opera, “Il Giocatore

After moving from San Francisco to the Algarve region of Portugal, Joyce has collaborated with several Portuguese poets, writers and dancers. She has made a number of singing and piano performances in charity fund raisers and performed in “Al Tango Festival” presented by the Clube de Dancas Joao de Deus at the Teatro das Figuas in Faro.

Her “Cancoes do Mar” ia a collaboration with Portuguese poet Felsibela Bartolomeu, based on poems inspired by the sea. “Discovery”, a musical based on Vasco Da Gama and his descendants, is a collaboration with writer Stuart Lieberman.

Joyce also composed music to the poems of Manuel de Brito Pardal and Francis Raposo Ferreira which she includes in her current musical “Encantador de Peixe