Here are MP3 examples of my playing, singing, and compositions for your interest and entertainment. They are not to be copied or otherwise distributed without my permission.

Joyce Whitelaw

Playing piano and singing:
"How High the Moon" Steinway Grand Piano.
"All The Things You Are" Yamaha Grand Piano.
"In The Candle Light" 9-foot Steinway Grand Piano. This piece by Pat Ballard was on the flip side of the famous "Mr. Sandman" record.
"En Aranjuez Con Mi Amor" Music on a sampler system.
"April In Portugal" Yamaha Grand Piano.
"It's Been a Long, Long Time" 9-foot Steinway Grand Piano.
"Que Reste-t-il de nos amours" Yamaha Grand Piano.
"Silent Night" (German, French English) Just me, A Capella.
"Recuerdos De La Alhambra" (a vocalize) Music on a sampler system.
Joyce, An Introduction - Me speaking.
"My Heart's In The Highlands" by Robbie Burns. Music on a sampler system.

Me singing with some great Big Band Instrumental tracks (strictly for fun):
"They Can't Take That Away From Me" with me on vintage microphones.
"My Foolish Heart" with me on vintage microphones.

Playing Piano - solos:
"Christmas in San Francisco" Where I lived overlooking San Francisco Bay while playing on my Yamaha Grand.
"The Home Coming" Yamaha Grand Piano.
"Autumn In New York" 9-foot Steinway Grand Piano.
"Bristol Concerto" 9-foot Steinway Grand Piano.
"La Siesta" Yamaha Grand Piano.
"Superman Theme" Yamaha Grand Piano.

From my golf opera, "Il Giocatore":
"The Blush of Rose" Words by Eddie Orton, tenor Jorge Gomez singing in rehearsal with me on the piano.

(From my OCC 100th Anniversary Gala CD, recorded at Fantasy Studios, piano: Joyce Whitelaw, drums: Lynn Parker, bass: Michael Burr)
"C. L. Dellums" Words: Dick Spees, Bass: Mel Leroy
Henry Kaiser Words: Dick Spees, Baritone: Todd Donovan
"Necklace of Lights" (sample) Words: Dick Spees, Supranos: Jessica Deardorff & Christa Pfeiffer

From my soundtrack to "Dragon Skies - Astronomy of Imperial China":
"Dragon Skies" Main Theme
"Introduction to the Sky"
"Lunar Mansions"
"Sky Watchers"
"The Cowherd and the Weaving Maiden"

From my "Reflections" CD:
"Flight of the Butterfly" (Introduction) Music on a sampler system + piano.

For the new Millennium - a modern composition:
"Millennium 2000" (Introduction) Music on a sampler system.
A compositon drawing on my Scottish heritage:
"Scottish Mist" (Introduction) Music on a sampler system.

On YouTube: Bob Franklin, a talented media developer has combined several of Joyce's "historical" compositions with images and placed them on YouTube:

"Big Bart Blue" From OCC Gala CD with baritone Todd Donovan, words by Mike Healy.
"Goodby to the Key Route System"From OCC Gala CD with bass Mel Leroy, words by Judith Offer
"Foxy Lady" From OCC Gala CD, recorded at Fantasy Studios, with supranos Jessica Deardorff & Christa Pfeiffer. Originally from the musical political satire "Casino", words by Judith Offer, about the classic Fox Theater in Oakland.

Sheet music for some of my compositions can be purchased at Sibelius Music. Search on "Joyce Whitelaw"