Il Giocatore-A modern day opera about golf, love, & murder.  This worked earned Joyce the moniker “Celtic Puccini” from the singer.


Music based on her Scottish heritage:

Highland Jazz, a creative fusion of  jazz with traditional Scottish rhythms playfully called a “Scot McJoplin” style by her fans.

Scottish Rhapsody - a full orchestration of music based on the rhythms of  Scottish poems.

            Joyce composes music, but does not write lyrics.  She works with a number of lyricists.


 “Via Della Spiga” An Instrumental for piano and saxophone inspired by a visit to the famous street in Milan.




                              Scottish Rhapsody: Symphonic Poem arranged for orchestra


                          Saturn Symphony: Interactive space music composed and performed by Joyce for the Chabot Space ……


                          Dragon Skies: An soundtrack based on ancient Chinese musical themes  

commissioned by the Chabot Space & Science Center Planetarium for the planetarium show and exhibit.  Joyce composed and recorded the soundtrack.





A collection of 8 original songs: “Love Laughter and Tears”

“A Musical Celebration of Oakland”: Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Centennial celebration  of 10 original songs about the history of the city and its famous people covering the 1905-2005.  Joyce performed her music live at the celebration and was part of its ensemble of operatic singers.  Deemed an “historical event” the Chamber has produced a CD of this music recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, and her song book is now part of the Archives of the City of Oakland.

Full length Musicals:


“Vilamoura”    An instrumental for piano and violin inspired by a villa in the Portuguese sun.



Millennium 2000:  An orchestral composition intended as a science fiction soundtrack.